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          爱家门窗系统AIJIA Window & door
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          Aijia door and window system was born in 2014 and belongs to Guangdong Wacang Aluminum Group. Aijia focuses on the research and development and sales of high-end aluminum alloy door and window systems, curtain wall systems, sun room systems and other architectural aluminum system products.

          Brand Objectives

          "Aijia" is willing to become the best supplier of aluminum alloy door and window system solutions at home and abroad, leading the development of the door and window industry. Through the integration of the supply chain of door and window components, equipment, etc. , to provide consumers with stable, environmentally friendly and energy-saving door and window products.

          Customized Plan

          Aijia door and window system also provides customers with personalized door, window and curtain wall solutions, and provides professional technical support and advice for partners, real estate developers, and architects. In the past four years, Aijia system has been applied to many domestic and foreign projects.

          Aijia owns the first core component industry chain manufacturer in the system door and window industry, has established a world-leading product laboratory, and has always been committed to the industry's most forward-looking technology research.

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          Building facade system solutions

          • Product R&D
          • Supply Chain Management
          • Technical Service
          • Material Sales
          • System Consultation