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          爱家门窗系统AIJIA Window & door
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          Basic Qualification for Cooperaters

          Under the premise of recognizing the concept and thinking of Aijia and firmly believing that the development trend of door, door and window systems has regional processing capabilities

          • 01

            Having good network resources and industry influence in the region

          • 02

            Good relationship with mainstream high-quality developers in the region

          • 03

            Good relationship with mainstream high-quality door, window and curtain wall companies in the region

          • 04

            Having certain economic strength and be able to build stores in local mainstream markets

          • 05

            Having complete company system and a sales team of more than 5 staffs

          • 06

            Employees need to be trained by the headquarters

          • 07

            With processing workshop of more than 1,000 square meters

          • 08

            Workshop layout and processing equipment configuration strictly follow the company's requirements

          • 09

            Having production technology and management team

          • 10

            Having more than one complete production line

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