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          Company News
          Company News
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          Company News
          Company News
          The most glorious work to Huachang people
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          There is always a group of people in every era

          They exist in every corner of the world

          In the ordinary position diligently and positively struggles

          Every bit of pay records their ordinary life

          Hard work breeds their extraordinary dreams

          Labor is the only way to create value

          Workers have the most praiseworthy demeanor of this era

          Pay tribute to Huachang people who struggle day and night

          The sky darkened after dusk

          The dusk gradually turned into a light night

          The streetlights are slowly like bright sparks

          The truck on Hongling Road is out of sight

          Lights of Huachang aluminum factory in the night

          A truck is driving in and out with the flashing lights

          The sound of the engine mixed with the roar of the machine played a tribute to the sounds of nature of workers

          Good at repetition

          You are in high spirits in labor

          The eyes were still shining

          Fast and fast

          The operation is accurate

          Sweat soaked your work clothes

          Wet your face

          The heat is burning your cheeks

          But you always stick to your job

          The glory of labor makes you exude beauty and confidence

          Your running figure flows into a beautiful scenery in Huachang

          Professional because of focus

          No matter what position

          We should give full play to our abilities

          Make the greatest contribution

          Let's reevaluate this passage

          It gives us more profound connotation

          Every drop of sweat reflects the light of the sun

          Every effort lights up the sky of dreams

          Highly praised

          Looking back on the past year

          Huachang aluminum industry is affirmed again

          This is the result of the efforts of every Huachang person

          Thousands of laborers like Huachang people

          Support the ideals and beliefs of the nation

          Their blood and sweat are shining with the glory of human civilization

          In this great festival

          We sing a labor hymn

          Salute the ordinary and great laborer

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