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          Company News
          Company News
          Weichang aluminum enters 11 airports in China
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          Following the magic cube column media of the four high-speed railway stations, Weichang aluminum has landed in the 11 major airports in China. The advertisement with multiple cities, high frequency and wide coverage will let hundreds of millions of passengers at home and abroad enjoy the brand charm of Weichang aluminum! Take off in the wind

          Weichang aluminum's airport advertisement is another masterpiece after the magic cube column media of high-speed railway station. Airport is an important window for foreign exchange of a country or region, and is the image card of a city. China's air passenger traffic volume will reach 660 million person times in 2019. Air passengers are usually high-end users of brands, who are not only brand Experiencers, but also consumption decision makers. Brand advertising entering the airport is of great strategic significance. Weichang aluminum brand, with its deep understanding of the Chinese market and forward-looking vision, will achieve 100 million consumer coverage with the help of airport advertising.

          The eleven City City City advertisements include one belt, one road, one north, the other, the other sub provinces, Chengdu, Xi'an, Wuhan, Qingdao, Xiamen and Shenyang. A number of airport advertising screens, day and night rotation, repeated exhibition, Weichang aluminum, such a high-density, high-frequency exposure, large-scale publicity, in the aluminum profile industry is few, can be called a big stroke. On the one hand, it reflects the strong strength of Weichang aluminum brand; on the other hand, it can better target high-end consumer groups, deepen the recognition and cognitive ability of Weichang aluminum brand by tourists from all over the world, and enhance the reputation of Weichang aluminum brand.

          The advertising originality of Weichang aluminum Airport

          Weichang aluminum airport advertising display · the world is not so noisy

          Beijing Capital Airport

          Chengdu Shuangliu Airport

          Fuzhou Changle Airport

          Haikou Meilan International Airport

          Qingdao Liuting Airport

          Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport

          Shanghai Hongqiao Airport

          Shenzhen Bao'an Airport

          Shenyang Taoxian Airport

          Wuhan Tianhe Airport

          Xi'an Xianyang Airport

          Soar like a tiger

          In 2020, facing the new situation, new challenges and new opportunities, Weichang aluminum will continue to increase the pace of brand development. In addition to cooperating with the high-density advertising of major airports, it will actively integrate online and offline resources, upgrade a large-scale, multi-dimensional and high-level three-dimensional communication network, further promote the comprehensive influence of Weichang aluminum brand, take advantage of the east wind of media, expand the brand wings, and set out towards a higher and further goal!

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