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          Wacang Aluminum has always focused on the essence of business operations. Based on the development of more than 20 years, it has proposed a "one core, double effect and five guarantees" quality management model, which mainly reflects the desire of Wacang staffs to pursue sustainable development.

          • One Core

            With culture as the core, Wacang puts forward the corporate purpose of "creating a global brand and building a century-old Wacang". In order to realize a century-old Wacang, corporate culture is the soul of the company for sustainable development. Wacang people can only inherit and carry forward Wacang. Only with a good corporate culture and tradition can the company live its lives and move forward.

          • Efficiency and Benefit

            Taking efficiency and benefit as the criteria, Wacang put forward the core values of "integrity, efficiency, pragmatism, and enterprising", requiring Wacang people to be based on reality, down-to-earth, and do their work in a down-to-earth manner on the basis of honesty and integrity. Work efficiency and operating efficiency continue to improve work efficiency.

          • Five Guarantees

            Take the strategic guarantee system, resource guarantee system, operation guarantee system, measurement guarantee system, and improvement guarantee system as the means, and integrate the five guarantee systems into the company's GB/T 19001, IATF16949, GB/T 24001, GB/T 28001, GB /T23331, standardized good behavior and other management systems and standards, to achieve the organic integration of the five major guarantee systems to maximize effectiveness.


          Wacang Aluminum "One Core, Double Effect and Five Guarantees" Quality Management Model