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          School Overview
          School Overview
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          School Overview
          School Overview


          In order to meet the needs of talents for enterprise development and help dealer partners become bigger and stronger, Wacang Aluminum established the first corporate business school in the aluminum profile industry in 2014, with the goal of "inheriting the spirit of Wacang and building a first-class enterprise business school" The mission is to integrate internal and external resources through comprehensive methods such as course training, cultural promotion, inspection and learning, to train and transport outstanding talents for enterprises and industries, and to bring advanced management concepts for dealer partners.

          Wacang Business School is positioned as "a promoter of enterprise development and a planner for dealer upgrading". It has a complete college system, curriculum system and faculty team, and is committed to providing professional and comprehensive training services to all Wacang colleagues and dealer partners. Wacang Business School is targeted, according to the actual needs of enterprises and distributors, sets up systematic courses, builds a strong team of lecturers, and cooperates with major universities and consulting institutions from time to time to realize the comprehensive realization of the business school, corporate employees, and distributor partners. Development and progress together!

          Wacang Business School leads the establishment and development of the business school system of the aluminum profile industry, and strives to build a winning teacher of the trinity of enterprise-employees-distributors, overcoming obstacles to create Wacang's glory.